It’s not often that you’d think of something natural like sod as being high tech. But then again, we’re not talking about just any sod.

We’ve done years of research and developed our sod with a mixture of qualities every homeowner dreams of. So why not call it high-tech? We’re meeting the needs of today with the expectations of tomorrow.

Better Overall Appearance
Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a thick lawn the new Ultra 3-D Sod's improved density will help compete with weeds by actually squeezing them out. Plus, Ultra 3-D Sod will green-up quick in the spring giving you the first green lawn on the block.

Less Fertilizing Needed
Ultra 3-D Sod has been specially designed to yield a naturally darker turf. Simply put, this means less fertilizing! You'll be able to have the same rich green lawn you expect without the use of' costly and sometimes harmful chemicals.

Spend Less Time Mowing
Our sod provides less vertical growth and a lower canopy height. It's an attribute with a benefit that is terribly simple to understand... less mowing! Stop spending all weekend working on your lawn rather than just enjoying it.

The Same Sod The Pro's Use
That's right. This is the same sod you see on TV being used by select Major League Baseball, National Football League, and Division 1 NCAA teams use Ultra 3-D Sod as their home fields. It's perfect for your own little all-star.

In addition to the clothing we are now supplying Ignitra Bucks to use towards marketing services with Ignitra Marketing Group, LLC. Your company can use these Ignitra Bucks for Branding & Image Development, Graphic Design, Marketing, Copywriting, Printing & Package Design, Website Design & Development, and Bulk Mailing Services.

The 3-D Sod & Ultra 3-D Sod cooperative clothing coupon program has been designed to promote the benefits of the 3-D Sod Blend. This program is designed to enable you to purchase branded clothing merchandise to display the 3-D trade mark on your choice of Polo Shirts, Fleeces, Sweat Shirts, Coats, Hats, or Button Down Dress Shirts.

 Self Feeding Lawn Brochure Now Available

The new Self Feeding Lawn Brochure is available for download in Adobe PDF format. Learn about all of the great benefits of a Self Feeding Lawn....

 Spring Plot Visit

Give us a call to schedule a time to come by and view the plots, the spring time is a great time to see varieties coming out of dormancy....